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Wellness Concierge

Our Wellness Concierge is designed to ensure guests receive their results, prior to travel. Antigen tests are being conducted on-site at Half Moon for guests, who will promptly receive their results within 30 minutes. Our Wellness Concierge coordinates this seamlessly and efficiently, in partnership with Baywest Wellness Hospital.

PCR tests may also be arranged through our Wellness Concierge. Results are available 72 hours following the test.

How does Wellness Concierge work?

In light of the international requirements for COVID-19 test results being presented on arrival in the US, Canada and the UK, we implemented a premium concierge service in three steps for the comfort of our guests.

  • Step 1 Upon check-in, we will provide our guests with step-by-step information, including a simple registration form, and answer any questions they may have. We will also make the appointment at that time, and issue an appointment card.
  • Step 2 Visit the Half Moon wellness lounge at the appointed time for your test, which will be conducted by medical professionals from Baywest Wellness Hospital.
  • Step 3 Get your results.

How much does the test cost?
The antigen test costs $70 per person, and the PCR test costs $150 per person.

How will I pay for my test?
Charges will be applied to the guest folio.

How long does the test take?
An appointment with our Wellness Concierge takes approximately 15 minutes.

How soon will I receive my results?
The rapid antigen diagnostic test produces results quickly, allowing them to be provided directly to the guest anywhere from 15-to-30 minutes following the test.

PCR results will be made available to the guest up to 72 hours following the test.

What happens if I test positive for COVID-19?
Our mandated and certified health and safety protocols allow us to accommodate on-property quarantine as necessary.

In the event of a positive test result, a discount of 50% off the nightly accommodation rate will be extended, as well as a 20% discount on food and beverage.

Baywest Wellness Hospital, our health and wellness partner located at our Half Moon Village, is equipped with isolated units and capable of offering intervention measures as needed for patients with respiratory illnesses.

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