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Children's Village

At Half Moon, kids are VIPs. We’ve even built an entire village just for them! Inspired by Jamaican folklore, the Anancy Children’s Village is where children aged three-to-twelve can learn, play, discover and make friends.

For our smallest guests, our nanny service is the perfect solution. Professional nannies help younger children enjoy everything Anancy Children’s Village has to offer.

Safety is our number one priority and each activity is supervised by a highly trained coordinator. Children’s village staff are affiliated with Penn State University’s esteemed “Better Kid Care” programme. Our counsellors and nannies are certified in best practices, age-appropriate activities and much more.

Children mingle and make new friends while they discover, learn and create. With an ever-changing range of activities, there’s no chance of anyone going home bored.

Half Day: They’ll be served a tasty, nutritious snack while they’re here. US$35 per child.

Full Day: They’ll enjoy a snack and lunch while they’re with us. US$55 per child.

3-Day Package: Daily snack and lunch is provided. US$140 per child.

4-Day Package: Includes a snack and lunch every day. US$185 per child.


For children 3 to 6 and 7 to 12 years old

During the school recess from mid-July to mid-August we offer a children’s camp to keep our younger guests entertained and motivated. Join Anancy and the gang for a day or a whole week. A healthy and tasty snack and lunch are served daily.


For children 4 to 12 years old


US$55 per day US$200 per week

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Tales of Anancy

Anancy (also known as Anansi) is a well-known character in children's tales that have captivated the minds of Jamaicans for many generations. To hear the words "Once upon a time, Bredda (Brother) Anancy..." meant that a whole new world is being introduced, one that is rooted in the tradition of oral story-telling.

Half Moon pays tribute to this important aspect of Jamaican culture by sharing this tradition with its young guests.

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Summer Camp in Jamaica

A summer holiday in the Caribbean will be that much more memorable for your kids when its filled with activities such as martial arts, reef fishing, horse back riding, archery and so much more.

Whether you're staying with us for a few days, a week, or more, our Camp Half Moon team will happily introduce your little ones to lots of adventures.

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