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A Nomadic Culinary Experience

EVENTS OCTOBER 13 – 17, 2022 

Guest Chef Bashir Munye stirs the melting pot, taking guests on a journey across the Atlantic to Italy, where he was raised, and to Somalia, where he was born. The culinary journey begins and ends in Jamaica at the iconic Half Moon, home to two of Jamaica’s best restaurants. 

Thursday, October 13, 2022 
10:00 am at Lobby | Tour of Hampden Estate | Reservations Required | $110 per person 

Visit the centuries-old distillery and glean intricate knowledge as to how the pot still method is instrumental to their pure single Jamaican rum. Hampden is known for its elevated level of esters rums. Transportation, entry, and light lunch included. 

Friday, October 14, 2022 
4:00 pm at Arcadia II | Shaken & Stirred with Wynton Hudson | Reservations Required | $60 per person

Explore the connection between terroir and taste with Mixologist Wynton Hudson. Jamaica’s finest ingredients are used to create gastronomic cocktails and sober-curious cocktails, paired with light fare from Chef Munye. Explore the vibrancy of garden to glass, and celebrate the richness of flavour found in our gardens and markets. 

Saturday, October 15, 2022 
11:00 am at Sugar Mill | In the Kitchen with Chef Bashir Munye | Reservations Required | $150 per person 

In addition to being a chef and food advocator, Chef Munye is a professor at the esteemed George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario. Join him at Half Moon’s award-winning restaurant, The Sugar Mill for lessons in preparing nomadic comfort food, a nod to Somalia and the heritage of nomadism in Chef Munye’s community.  

4:00 pm at Arcadia II |A Take on Rum with Craig Nicholson | Reservations Required | $55 per person

Worthy Park has been producing rums for more than 350 years, making this distillery Jamaica’s oldest. Senior Blender Craig Nicholson will present a rum tasting experience and talk guests through the distillery’s methods, which were key to the production of the exclusive 14-year-old blend bottled for Half Moon. 

Sunday October 16, 2022  
6:30 pm at The Great Lawn | Farm to Beach | Reservations Required | $220 per person

Farm To Beach epitomizes the spirit of family style dining – good food with good company – featuring the expert creations of Chef Munye. Each dish will be inspired by and prepared with ingredients cultivated from sustainable agricultural practices and enhanced with Jamaican and Somalian spices. The courses are paired with wine. 

The evening will open on the Eclipse Great Lawn with sober and sober curious mocktails before peaking with a magical and one-of-a-kind beachfront experience. 

Monday October 17, 2022 

Bonus Activity 
6:00 am | Hook It | Reservations Required | $250 per person 

Head out to the Caribbean Sea with Nakhle Hado, a marine expert on sustainable fishing. This hands-on experience will enlighten participants on the practice of respect for marine ecosystems, allowing fisheries and livelihoods to thrive in a sustainable way.  

11:00 am at Hayward’s | Hayward’s Brunch | Reservations Required | $75 

Dine with us on Chef’s Afro-Caribbean infused selections paired with the finest Jamaican rums. 

Please note, pricing is exclusive of taxes and gratuity. 


Chef Bashir Munye
Chef | Food Advocate | Educator

Chef Bashir Munye is part of a new generation of Toronto chefs who are inspired by global cuisine while creating the future of local and sustainable food ideas.  

A true global child, Bashir’s experience of food embraces many geographical and cultural boundaries.  

Born in Somalia, and raised in Italy, he has called Toronto home for the past 22 years. Growing up in the Mediterranean, fresh, and seasonal foods were the norm. Chef Bashir continues this tradition through his farmer’s market operations where he connects to the local farming and artisanal food business community. His approach to cooking is simple. He is a passionate advocate for promoting diverse food, representative of Toronto’s diverse communities. He believes in and advocates for access to superior quality food for everyone. 

Currently, Bashir is a culinary professor at George Brown College, a Food consultant/ recipe developer, and an academic researcher. 


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