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65th Anniversary Updates

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"I'm Passionate About Golf" - Guy Steuart III

First played over five centuries ago, golf forms a bond amongst the highly competent and shy beginners, marking memories along ocean shores, parkland rambles and mountain vistas.


The Art of Being Half Moon

Artwork contributes significantly to the Half Moon story.

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Cottage 10, or the James Bond Cottage

With the 25th Bond film set to return to Jamaica, we remember the last time the world’s most famous super-spy visited our shores for 1973’s Live and Let Die.

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Breakfast by the Sea: Anabella Seaga

We have met many famous people, but none showed the keen interest in us that the Bushes did. The care and grace they showed us left an indelible mark on me. Was it the carefree setting of Half Moon Resort, was it just who they were as people, or simply the combination of the two?

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Memories of Half Moon: Guy Steuart III

Peeking through the clouds watching traffic below seemingly outpace us, I may have asked more than once...”When are we going to get there”?

Love that beautiful pattern that makes you feel at home at Half Moon? Meet Joan! #HalfMoon65

A Designer to the 'Coore'

You’d think riding in the Caribbean sun would cause her to break a sweat but the only thing she is cracking is a smile.


65 Years of Half Moon

Debbie Reynolds clutches her children, Todd and Carrie on a black and white-tinted beach. A rosy-cheeked Prince Harry shakes a housekeeper’s hand vigorously while Queen Elizabeth, bedecked in green from head to toe, pauses to listen to the melodies of a mento band. The backdrop in the photos is the same - the iconic Half Moon Resort...

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Five Historical Spots You Can Visit at Half Moon

Every inch of Half Moon teems with history. Remnants of the sugar plantation and loading dock it once was can be found in many places around the property. Here are just a few history-laden areas that you can see during your stay.

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Six Things You May Not Have Known About Half Moon

By now you may know quite a bit about what Half Moon has to offer - two miles of pure beach fun, bicycles to explore with and plenty of amenities to design your own day of play. In honour of our 65th anniversary, we present six things you may not have known about us, that are essential to the magic of Half Moon.

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