Dolphin Lagoon

We’re delighted to provide guests the opportunity to interact with our friendly dolphins. Half Moon is the only Caribbean resort where you can swim with dolphins right on site in our expansive and natural dolphin lagoon. It’s reserved exclusively for our guests and is one of our most popular activities.

An introduction to the dolphins, geared towards young children and non-swimmers. Meet the dolphins as they come up to the shore.


Duration: 30 minute session

The next level of interaction with the dolphins. Go out to meet the dolphins in their natural habitat.


Duration: 35 minute session

This is our most popular programme. Head out to meet the dolphins and experience their powerful swimming.


Duration: 45 minute session

Spend the whole day with our trainers in this ultimate dolphin experience.


US$890 per full day activity

Enjoy quality one-on-one time with the dolphins. Swim out to meet them and swim with them, under the guidance of a trainer.


US$400 per private session


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