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The Art of Being Half Moon

Wander through the spaces and grounds of Half Moon and see all the elements that come together to create its distinctive features – from tall, swaying royal palms dotting the landscape to its signature black and white architecture.

Artwork contributes significantly to the Half Moon story. The lobby and some of the rooms heavily feature the work of Michael “Lester” Leszcynski, a Polish citizen-turned-war-veteran who emigrated to Jamaica during World War II. His collaboration with Half Moon resulted in the resort having the largest private collection of his works in the island. If his name sounds familiar, Lester’s Café and the upcoming Lester’s Bar are named after him.

The walls of the East Cove area of the resort are adorned with the works of students of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica’s premier arts school. Take the time to explore the colours, textures and lines of Jamaica, as portrayed by the island’s youngest storytellers in art.

So the next time you visit Half Moon, enjoy the works of art that embody the vividness and colour of Jamaican life, as interpreted by a variety of personalities that form the tapestry of the Jamaican art scene.


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