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Cottage 10, or the James Bond Cottage

Half Moon has been the destination of choice for celebrities, royalty, vacationers and…British Secret Service agents?

With the 25th Bond film set to return to Jamaica, we remember the last time the world’s most famous super-spy visited our shores for 1973’s Live and Let Die.

For a few weeks, Jamaica transformed into the fictional island of San Monique. At Half Moon, Cottage 10 set the scene for 007 to confront snakes, a villainous waiter and a beautiful double agent.

We held our breaths as a snake sinuously slithered across Bond’s body, in bed for the night and ensconced in luxurious sheets. We cheered when his ingenuity dispatched another reptilian intruder in his airy and elegantly appointed bathroom. We laughed as Rosie Carver shook off Bond’s charms to reveal that she would be spending the night in the second bedroom.

Visitors can still check into Cottage 10 to retrace Roger Moore’s steps in his first outing as the MI6 agent, though serpents and traitorous staff are reassuringly not a part of the experience. You can, however order a bottle of champagne, or puff away on a cigar at any of our designated smoking areas.

Swing by Cedar Bar where Caswell, Donnine or any of our other bartenders are more than willing to serve up a cocktail of your choosing, shaken, not stirred.

Relive the snake in the bathroom scene at (if you dare).


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