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Spa Treatments

Unique Jamaica Spa Treatments

Unique & Traditional Jamaica Spa Treatments

Our renowned, unique Jamaica spa treatments provide the ultimate, personalized spa experience to help you achieve complete wellness. Guests are offered the following services all performed with the skilled hands of our gifted and certified therapists who will lift your spirits and alleviate stress.

"Celebrate, Cleanse & Renew"

All Signature Treatments begin with the Spa Welcome Ritual - the celebration of nature. Hot water is infused with either lemongrass oil for its uplifting and energizing effect or lavender oil for its calming and relaxing properties. The steam is inhaled while gently misting the treatment room and then placed under the face cradle or in the room.  All therapies end with a Spa Departure Ritual - to cleanse and renew.

For more information on our spa or to book your appointment, please email our concierge or call (888) 830-5974.

Massage Therapies

Fern Tree Spa's Massage Therapies focus on a variety of massage modalities and range from 50 to 80 minutes in duration.

Ease-up Swedish Massage 50/80 min $120/$195

  • A light to medium pressure massage  - employing long, gliding strokes and kneading – relieves stress, tension and muscle aches and improves circulation and flexibility

Awaken Deep Tissue Massage 50/80 min $135/$210

  • This firm and deep-pressure massage will release blockages and knots and relieve muscular tension and spasm due to stress, work or athletic activities

Aroma Massage 50/80 min $135/$210

  • This luxurious treatment combines a traditional Swedish massage with the therapeutic benefits of touch and smell. Your therapist will help you choose from a selection of aromatic oil blends to enhance your mood, awaken your senses and promote a healthy equilibrium of body and mind.

West Indies Scalp and Body Massage Treatment 50/80 min $130/$195

  • Experience a relaxing body treatment that addresses your hair and scalp with our invigorating Wild Lime and Ginger oil. Refreshing and re-mineralizing blends are gently warmed and applied vigorously to the scalp to stimulate circulation, relax the muscles, clear the mind and nourish the hair.

Sole Food Massage 50/80 min $124/$200

  • Experience a pressure point massage on specific reflex zones of the hands and feet to improve circulation, ease pain and relax the body. Includes an infused hot towel foot wrap.

Rosemary Reflexology 80 min $195

  • Peppermint and sea salt are used to exfoliate dead skin cells as a hot stone foot massage, warm rosemary wrap and soothing hand massage relax the mind and body. This refreshing treatment finishes with a gentle foot massage with invigorating mint-infused witch hazel, increasing flexibility and circulation and giving a feeling of complete wellbeing.

Personalized Massage 50/80 min $135/$210

  • Let one of our talented and professional therapists design a massage treatment specific to your needs. Your therapist will utilize a combination of Eastern and Western massage techniques and modalities to create the perfect, personalized massage.

Island Hot Rock Massage 80 min $210

  • Traditional Swedish massage strokes are combined with smooth, heated lava stones to enhance the benefits of the treatment by warming the muscles and joints and inducing a deeper sense of relaxation.

Motherhood Massage 50/80 Min $130/$200

  • This treatment gives special care and attention to a pregnant woman’s comfort by using special pillows to create a safe and relaxing environment. This specialized therapy improves circulation and diminishes back and hip pain. (Not recommended during the first trimester or for those experiencing high risk pregnancy)

Up to Par – Golfer's Massage 50/80 min $130/$200

  • Specifically designed to stretch and stimulate muscles that are important to golfers, this treatment combines a variety of techniques including passive stretching as well as deep tissue, Swedish and cross-fibre massage. This massage is wonderful before or after a round of golf or a tennis match.

Fern Tree Signature Massage 80 min $190

  • Complete with a ritual foot bath of Jamaican Cerasee, the Fern Tree Signature massage incorporates healing techniques from around the world and our signature essential-oil blend of allspice, ginger and orange. This treatment is finished with infused body compresses and a Jamaican rum body splash, inspiring deep relaxation and bliss.

Body Therapies

Fern Tree Spa offers a variety of body therapies focusing on traditional Jamaican plant and herbal remedies and innovative body treatments.

Organic Sea Salt Glow 50 min $135

  • Stress will melt away as your skin is gently massaged with a blend of aromatic sea salt and essential oils to remove impurities and dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. Includes exfoliation and moisturizer application.

Cerasee Body Scrub 50 min $135

  • Jamaican herbs and ground Cerasee combined with essential oils are used to slough away dead skin cells leaving you tingly, clean and refreshed. Includes exfoliation and moisturizer application.

Jamaican Allspice Sugar Scrub 50 min $135

  • This body exfoliation begins with a blend of sugar and allspice to remove unwanted cells. Soothing oatmeal and essential oils are then gently massaged into your skin leaving your body soft and smooth.

Coffee Coconut Scrub 50 min $135

  • This Jamaican sugar scrub rich in coffee and coconut is a truly invigorating experience. Includes exfoliation and moisturizer application.

Sea Algae Body Wrap 50 min $200

  • A relaxing and rejuvenating full body wrap of rich warm algae helps draw toxins while nourishing your skin with vitamins and minerals. Includes dry skin brushing and body moisturizer.

Coconut Milk and Honey Wrap 50 min $135

  • Intense hydrating coconut rich in vitamin E combined with the healing power of honey will nourish your skin and leave you with a healthy glow.

Soothing Aloe and Lavender Wrap 50 min $135

  • Calms, cools and hydrates irritated and sun-exposed skin using Fern Tree’s unique blend of aloe and lavender

Caribbean Sea Cocoon 80 min $230

  • Let warm sea mud and sea salts bring you to a state of deep relaxation as a wrap rich in natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes rejuvenates your skin and energizes your body. Includes exfoliation, wrap, hydrating moisturizer application and a 25-minute target-area massage.

Marine Algae Wrap 50/80 min $135/$200

  • Exfoliation to prepare the skin is followed by an application of marine algae – long used for nutritional and therapeutic properties – to alleviate fluid retention, stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins and improve energy levels. 80 minute treatment includes an exfoliation.

Fern Tree Signature Body Treatment 80 min $190

  • Enjoy a ritual foot bath of Jamaican Cerasee followed by a sweet and savoury body exfoliation to smooth the skin. This signature treatment includes a skin specific hydrating body mask of Jamaican fruits, herbs, essential oils and other indigenous ingredients and finishes with a botanical body spritz and Jamaican rum splash for the feet.

Skin Care Therapies

Vitamin-Infused Facial 50 Min $135

  • Give your skin the nutrients and vitality it needs for a healthy glow. This facial combines antioxidants, peptides, vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A,C,E and coenzyme Q10, in an effective application for visible results.

Gentlemen’s Facial 50 Min $135

  • Designed specifically for men, this facial is intended to soothe, calm and reduce irritation associated with shaving while restoring hydration and nourishment to the skin. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and extracts of green tea, chamomile and white nettle will assure a healthy glow.

Rebalancing Marine Facial 80 Min $190

  • Based entirely on active marine elements, this treatment assists in deep pore cleansing, detoxification of tissue and skin rebalancing. A rejuvenating mask is followed by a relaxing hand and foot massage.

Ocean and Oxygen 50 Min $135

  • A true oxygen marine radiance booster with BHA’s, anti-oxidant vitamins C, A and E help to support the skin’s natural metabolism and promote the energy and tonicity of healthy skin. An ideal facial to brighten, regenerate and improve your complexion.

Sun Lover’s Facial 50 Min $135

  • Say goodbye to sun damage and hello to renewed and refined skin. Skin is nourished and deeply exfoliated in a two-step system using natural fruit acids, retinol and vitamin C to lift dead cells and UV damage. The facial is finished with an application of other key ingredients to nourish, hydrate and even skin tone and texture, leaving a visible radiant glow.

Deluxe Collagen Velvet Facial 80 Min $230

  • This deluxe treatment combines pure, native soluble-collagen and protein-rich extracts and creams to soften and smooth the skin and help maintain moisture balance. Immediate results make this an ideal treatment before a special occasion. Neck and eye treatment included.

Fern Tree Signature Facial 80 Min $190

  • This luxurious 80 minute facial begins with a ritual footbath of Jamaican Cerasee followed by a seasonal facial masque made of carefully blended Jamaican fruits, herbs and other indigenous ingredients. After a skin analysis, natural products are used to enhance the skin and create a radiant-looking glow.

Spa Therapy Enhancements

With advice from your therapist, choose among the following enhancements to heighten the benefits of your spa treatment. Upgrade your massage with a Tension Relief Foot Mask and/or Anti-Stress Eye Compress. Add an Anti-Stress Eye Treatment, an Ageless Eyes and Lip Therapy or a Youthful Neck and Décolleté Therapy as an enhancement to your facial.

Tension Relief Foot Therapy 20 Min $55

  • Extra attention for your feet and lower legs with soothing aloe, menthol, camphor, arnica and pimento oil.

Ageless Eyes and Lip Therapy 20 Min $45

  • A marine-based, collagen-rich treatment to combat eye puffiness and soothe the eyes with intense hydration. Add this to any massage, body treatment or facial.

Youthful Neck and Décolleté Treatment 25 Min $55

  • A refining treatment to preserve the skin and smooth all visible signs of aging

Bath Soaks

Coconut Milk and Avena Soothing Soak $55

  • Enjoy a relaxing soak as your skin absorbs the natural nourishment of this soothing bath of coconut and oat milk, calendula and comfrey.

Seaweed Bath $55

  • A soothing, natural, aromatic seaweed and pine needle oil bath will leave you feeling nourished while eliminating toxicity and smoothing the skin.

Aromatic Mud Bath $55

  • Rich European mud aids in relieving aches, pains and sore muscles, while inducing deep relaxation.

Jamaican Bush Bath $55

  • Freshly picked herbs, roots, leaves and fruit steeped in hot water are added to a soothing bath to cleanse and revitalize while relaxing the mind and spirit.

Hand and Foot Therapies

Half Moon Manicure $70

Half Moon Pedicure $80

Caribbean Classic Manicure or Pedicure $45/$55

  • Nail shaping, cuticle trimming and a massage followed by a polish application or buffing leaves your hands or feet silky, soft and beautiful.

Island Stone Manicure or Pedicure $75/$85

  • Warm stones are used to massage and melt stress and pain away in the arms, hands and feet. Your hands and feet are scrubbed with an aromatic sea salt and then wrapped with paraffin, leaving them silky, smooth and moisturized. Finish with your choice of polish or buff

Natural Foot Refresher for the Hands, Feet or as a Combo $55/$65/$100

  • All the joys of our Caribbean Classic Manicure and Pedicure with the added bliss of an extensive massage and reflexology treatment.

Half Moon Signature Manicure or Pedicure $60/$85

  • The Fern Tree Signature Manicure begins with a relaxing ritual soak in aroma-infused water, followed by an exfoliation using natural sea salts and aromatherapy oil. A massage of the hands or feet with an invigorating splash of Jamaican rum leaves skin silky and smooth. This refreshing treatment ends with a soothing paraffin wrap to further hydrate the skin and your choice of buffing or polishing of the nails.

Fitness and Wellness

  • Yoga
  • Guided Meditation
  • Meditation Classes
  • Labyrinth Meditation
  • Guided Walks
  • Spa Elder Botanical Trek
  • Guided Meditation/Beach Walk

Overwater Spa Bungalows

Enjoy the ultimate spa treatment as the gentle waves of the Caribbean Sea serenade you. Fern Tree Spa’s overwater bungalow is the ideal setting for unique-marine based spa treatments such as the Heated Sea Shell Massage.

Jutting out onto the sea on its own wooden pier, with louvered windows and floor-to-ceiling doors that open out to the sea, the azure waters of the Caribbean become part of your rejuvenating experience.

Six Senses Marine Stone Indulgence Facial 50 Min $165

  • The movement, rhythm and power of hot and cold marine stones induce deep relaxation and invite sleep. A warm, decongesting action is followed by a cool astringent action to stimulate exchanges, increase tissue oxygenation and heighten the sensorial effects of the treatment.

Heated Seashell Massage 80 Min $220

  • Heated seashells are used to sooth muscles, release tension and promote deep relaxation. Try this instead of a hot stone massage for an unforgettable experience.

Body Contour Wrap 80 Min $210

  • For intensive silhouette refining, this treatment facilitates the elimination of excess water from the skin tissues, activates skin circulation, tones the skin and increases elasticity. It begins with an exfoliation, continues with a lymphatic drainage massage and finishes with an envelopment of warm algae gel. This treatment is perfect for sponginess, slackened skin, excess fluid in the hip and thigh areas and relief of tired and heavy legs.

Other massage services are available in a seaside bungalow for an additional fee of $35

The Fern Tree Spa Cottage

The Spa Cottage offers a private refuge for our spa guests or couples. The Cottage can be used for specialized spa packages, couples services, or reserved in four hour blocks for a truly indulgent spa experience. Our Spa Cottage includes a private soaking tub, massage treatment area, relaxation area, patio with outdoor hot tub and shower, and private access to the spa pool.

Moon Beam Package – 50 Min Massage, 50 Min Facial and 30 Min Scrub $315

Crescent Moon Package – 50 Min Facial, 50 Min Massage, 50 Min Body Therapy $445

Get Your Groove Back Couples Package – 50 Min Couples Massage plus Bath Soak for 2. Sparkling wine included. $385

The Spa Cottage $250 per hour

Fern Tree Spa Hours of Operation
Daily: 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.  
Tel:  (876) 518-0477
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Salon Services


  • Perfect Sense Paraffin $20
  • Polish change $15
  • French polish change $25
  • Natural nail repair $5 per nail
  • Nail art $5


  • Ladies haircut $40
  • Gentleman’s haircut $25
  • Children’s haircut $18
  • Shampoo only $30
  • Shampoo and style $45 upwards
  • Special occasion hairstyle $60 upwards
  • Deep conditioning treatment $20
  • Hair straightening $90
  • Perm $100
  • Highlights $160
  • Colour $80
  • Wedding hair trial $65

Hair braiding

  • Single braid $10
  • Half head $60 upwards
  • Full head $100 upwards


  • Make-up trial $70
  • Make-up $55


  • Half leg $55
  • Full leg $85
  • Bikini $45
  • Full leg and bikini $110
  • Underarm $35
  • Back $65
  • Arm $45
  • Eyebrow $25
  • Upper lip $25
  • Chin $25
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