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A Designer to the ‘Coore’

She can often be seen riding her blue turquoise bicycle, her flowing black curls peppered with grey highlights blowing in the wind. You’d think riding in the Caribbean sun would cause her to break a sweat but the only thing she is cracking is a smile.

That’s Joan Coore for you — she is Half Moon’s Interior Décor and Designs Manager.

She joined the resort in 2002 as the Executive Housekeeper and shortly thereafter the opportunity fell into her lap to manage the interior decorating, to which she quickly said yes.

“Design and decor has always been passion as I was in the garment making industry for many years,” Joan said. “I even had my own label at one point in time. Unfortunately the economic turmoil of the 80’s in Jamaica forced me to leave that behind and it pushed me into hospitality.”

So there she was with the stars perfectly aligned for her to once again do what she loves.

When you think of Half Moon, forget cookie-cutter. It’s a part of the 65-year old resort’s charm.

“You could be coming to Half Moon for many years and will always have a new experience with each visit. Every room here is different, especially with the West Cottages; the Hibiscus rooms are similar but they all have a unique vibe.

“I believe a resort’s décor should be reflective of its location,” she noted.

The décor is what you may call Euro-Caribbean. The Queen Anne furniture is complemented by colours and drapery that reflect the vibrancy of the Jamaican culture.

A Unique Resort
“Decorating is less about me and more about Half Moon. The good thing about having only one Half Moon is that you are unique and you get to improve upon that uniqueness in every way. While a large part of the inspiration comes from the garden and sea there are so many ways that can be carried out, it may be a throw cushion or even an intricate carving in a foot stool.”

Something else unique to Half Moon is that all the furniture, drapery and other design items for the rooms are made on site. The resort has a large operation littered with reams of fabric and massive cutting tables ready to take on the next project. The room is a designer’s symphony- the pounding nail guns of the upholsterers provide the bass to the constant buzzing of industrial sewing machines while the sweet sounds of the employees’ laughter herald the chorus of a truly happy song.

“I love my staff and our office. It’s one thing to order items and put them in a room but it’s a totally truly fulfilling experience to work as a team to create a room from start to finish. It makes you appreciate the end product even more,” she said with a smile.


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