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Six Things You May Not Have Known About Half Moon

By now you may know quite a bit about what Half Moon has to offer – two miles of pure beach fun, bicycles to explore with and plenty of amenities to design your own day of play. In honour of our 65th anniversary, we present six things you may not have known about us, that are essential to the magic of Half Moon.

1. We make our own furniture
Something unique to Half Moon is that all the furniture, drapery and other design items for the rooms are made on site. Led by HM’s design doyenne, Joan Coore, the resort has a large operation littered with reams of fabric and massive cutting tables ready to take on the next project.

2. We rehabilitate racehorses
Riding at the Equestrian Centre is a popular activity but the main stars of the show, the horses, are retired racehorses. Stables owner, Trina Delisser cheekily states that she takes these ex-racers and turns them into “wellness instructors”.

3. We have a café completely dedicated to vegan cuisine
Since December 2018, vegans have an oasis at the Fern Tree Spa. Ital Café offers 100% gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free fare, tapping into the “Sunfired Food” concept, where the growth of fresh organic vegetables, fruits and herbs are cooked by the sun.

4. We grow our own herbs and spices
Take a stroll through the Fern Tree Spa and you’ll notice a tidy little herb garden with Caribbean favourites like lemongrass, basil and peppermint. Expect these herbs and spices to turn up in your spa treatments, juice shots and restaurant dishes.

5. We have the longest-serving worker in the entire Jamaican hospitality industry
Wordsworth Watson is an institution at Half Moon. With an impressive 60-year career here, and an additional four years at another hotel, Wordsworth holds the title of longest-serving employee of Jamaica’s hospitality industry. Wordsworth’s stories are priceless glimpses of the past and he is more than happy to recount them.

6. Some of the original investors are still involved today
Three of the original families, the Steuarts, the Pearces and Weiss, continue the legacy cultivating the elegance, charm and joie de vivre that have been the signature of the resort.


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